MCM and Vintage Glassware

As we started collecting mid-century items for our Sarasota mid-century home, I was immediately attracted to mid-century glassware and barware. In can take a while, however, to know when you are selecting a good piece of vintage glassware simply because there is so much out there. I was first attracted simply by a "look" then found that I kept coming back to the same "look" so I decided it was time to learn more about them. 

To understand glassware, you need to understand that there are many details that play out in determining the maker and value of the items. Such as, is the piece marked, what are the distinctive patterns, what colors and shape the are. If the piece is marked, then you are very lucky because often, these items were mass produced and many do not have a mark, as such. 

Here are a few of my favorite vintage glassware makers from the mid-century period. Of course, the bottom line is that if you love it, don't worry about the provenance!

PS - You can see more mid-century glassware on my Pinterest Board, MCM Glassware & Barware.

Dorothy Thorpe:























Le Gocce:


George Briard:


 Russell Wright: