Automobiles of the Mid-Century

Think Mid-century style is just architecture and home decor? Well it's not. In cars, you’ll recognize the MCM style in big, swaggering American cars outfitted in chrome, fins, and pastel colors beginning in the late 1940’s. Moving into the 60s, the aesthetic is influenced by European cars and becomes sleeker and more compact, with low-profile cabins and metallic paints. Here are some of my favorites - wouldn’t mind having one of these! PS - don’t tell my husband Frank or we’ll be adding another garage.

1957 Thunderbird:

 1960 Corvette:


 1961 Cadillac:

1957 Chevrolet:


1957 Studebaker:

1956 Chrysler:

1960 MG:

1960's Jaquar XKE:

Happy Driving!